1) By registering in AlexandAIR Virtual Airways we agree that all information you report, will remain in our system.

2) Our registered members must fly at least one flight every 90 days in order to remain active on our roster.

3) After registering, you will be asked to provide a valid email address. It is the responsibility of the Airline High Staff to ensure that the e-mail address is valid anytime.

4) The staff of AlexandAIR Virtual Airways is able to update the rules and regulations of our virtual airline, but also the members of our virtual should be informed about the new rules and regulations.

5) The minimum rank for a new pilot is the "New Hire", but if he is an active member of the IVAO, his flight hours are tranfered and he takes the requisite rank.

Website policy

1) The AlexandAIR Virtual Airways is able to use the information you provide for imroving our site.

2) Our website may contain links to other websites. Be aware that using these connections we have no control over them.

3) The AlexandAIR Virtual Airways will not sell, distribute and lease your personal information to third parties unless we are required by law to do so.

4) Any attempt by a member to cheat or violate our website will result in the suspension / cancellation of his account.

Online Flights

1) You must be a member of the network of IVAO and active pilot AlexandAIR Virtual, filling your VID during registration.

2) For the recording of flights within the VA, we use the SIMACARS program.

3) Your flights should be made on actual weather conditions in real time.

4) During your flight, you should use an aircraft from the fleet of our company.

5) When connecting of the network of IVAO, in an area without ATC, you should monitor the UNICOM 122.800 for contact with other aircraft.

6) We choose a gate, rather a corridor for our connection to the network of IVAO.

7) For online communication we use the Diskord application.

8) When connected to Diskord, your nickname should have the form -> AXNxxx - your name (where xxx enters your callsing).

9) Adjust Diskord to push a key on your keyboard to speak.

10) Our members should be polite and do not cause their behavior other associate members.

11) During your flight you should use your callsing given after registration.

12) You should be able to comply with basic air traffic instructions.

13) You should be able to follow a pattern or IFR / VFR.


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